Customized sound bolstering systems designed to suit specific requirements; Hertz combines superlative technology with appropriate leading brands and quality service to deliveran unprecedented experience to the customer.

Auditoriums, conference rooms, corporate offices, shop floors, public address systems, places of worship, outdoor applications and industrial paging applications are virtually incomplete without the sound reinforcement systems designed by the virtuosos at Hertz.

Here’s how it’s done:
The techies at Hertz assess and analyze the site in question, before asserting the deliverables for the project and zeroing down on the bill of quantities, with the client’s consent. Once the budget for the project is agreed upon, Hertz handpicks apt brands to give the job one last finishing touch, and live up to its promise of providing the best solutions!

A complete blueprint of the system design is prepared and furnished to the client, post which the execution and system integration is done. The client is also provided with a schematic of the entire system post-installation, to enable ease of use. Hertz is one of the leading providers of international and national brands in professional audio systems.

Some of the top brands that the company deals in are:

Brands in Professional Audio

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