Play it loud, play it everywhere!

One can now enjoy one’s favourite music in every room, thanks to an unparalleled multi-room audio system that enables the connection of input devices like CD players, FM tuners, iPad or computer to a master control unit. One can select individual inputs from all therooms, and access any of the connected devices.

There’s no intrusion into your living space, no need for separate systems in every room, tangled wiring, or ugly room cluttering speakers. This state-of-the-art yet affordable solution is completely discreet and installed into the fabric of your home. Typically, all of the equipment is neatly concealed in one location, out of sight. All wiring is hidden within the walls. What you see are elegant keypads and speakers, intelligently designed to blend with the décor.
You can even extend your music outdoors with weatherproof speakers. At the push of a button, you're listening to your choice of music. Wherever. Whenever.

Brands in Multiroom Audio

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