The SL-DSW-2CH is a SmartLiving Dimmable Switch to control AC load (for ex: All kinds of Lamps and Fans). It delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of complete SmarLiving® automation system. This device offers two independent channels. Each of these channel is uniquely addressed, configurable, and controlled independently over proprietary SmartLiving-Bus. It also has local pushbutton interface to control on/off and Dimming manually. This switch supports all the features exposed on SmartLiving-bus, like grouping of the switches (zoning), invoking pre-set scenes for dynamic abmiance/mood lighting which is the most demanding feature for architectural automation. It is designed to be installed easily on the standard wall sockets and compatible with your existing electrical wiring (100% retrofit). SL-DSW-2CH along with other companion SmartLiving devices offers state of art cutting edge technology through easy and user friendly UI for control and configuration on the smart devices.

System Requirements (Optional)

  • SL-BPS to power the SmartLiving-Bus
  • Android smart device running Android2.3 or 4.0 or higher with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • SmartLiving Configurator App to configure the
  • device (downloadable from Play Store)
  • SmartLiving User App to control the system
  • Other SmartLiving devices to form the complete system

Package Contents
  • 1 SL-DSW-2CH device
  • 2 Extra Fuses for replacement purpose

Ordering Information
  • SL-DSW-2CH-BLACK: With Black MAT finish face
  • SL-DSW-2CH-WHITE: With White Glossy finish face
  • No (EAN-13 GTIN): 0700686103896
  • 2 Extra Fuses for replacement purpose

Less than 0.2W(Average)Safety
Maximum Load Capacity
Idle Power Consumption
Universal Range 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz/4Amp(Max)
Universal Range 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hz/4Amp(Max)
Less than 0.2W(Average)
EnvironmentalFour different inputs (CD Player, Satellite, tuner, etc.) allows each person to customize and listen to whatever they want.Direct wiring from the amplifier to the individual rooms and speakers allow a solid signal path for clean audio transfer without distortion or interruption.
Control InputsLocal Buttons/Channel
Bus Control
2-Wire SmartLiving-Bus for advanced control & configuration
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature
Humidity 95% RH y, non-condensing
MechanicalMounting & Fitting
Connector Type
Connector Contacts
Snap fit type/ front side insertion into support frame
42(W) x 42(H) x 50(D) (in mm)/ 120gm
Screw Less Type, COLOR Coded
Connector Contacts LIVE, NEUTRAL, CH1, CH2, SL-BUS1, SL-BUS1
4A Fast blowing fuse, Load Over current Protection (2Amp)
ISI, CE (in progress)

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